type code description inventory inventory contribution intensity
amount unit tCO2eq tCO2/unit
output Fa0238-DK Potato starch in DK 1.00 t 1.34 1.34
input Ma0350-DK Fuel, natural gas {DK} Fuel and combustion, energy unit in DK 1.62 GJ 0.128 0.0789
input Cm132-DK Potatoes in DK 3.92 t 1.20 0.306
input Em153-DK Electricity market in DK 6.030e-04 TJ 0.00851 14.1
input Ma0283-DK Water {DK} Collection, purification and distribution of water | conseq in DK 3.73 m3 0.00359 9.637e-04