type code description inventory inventory contribution intensity
amount unit tCO2eq tCO2/unit
output Ma0332-DK Supermarket storage, ambient in DK 1.00 t 0.0102 0.0102
input Em117-DK Financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding (65) in DK 9.699e-17 MEUR2011 1.739e-14 179
input Em063-DK Chemicals nec in DK 1.698e-07 t 4.954e-07 2.92
input Em110-DK Other land transport in DK 4.061e-12 MEUR2011 1.612e-09 397
input Em106-DK Wholesale trade and commission trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles (51) in DK 2.680e-12 MEUR2011 6.039e-10 225
input Em018-DK Forestry, logging and related service activities (02) in DK 7.233e-11 t 2.184e-11 0.302
input Em091-DK Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (34) in DK 8.130e-10 MEUR2011 7.516e-07 924
input Em109-DK Transport via railways in DK 2.977e-18 MEUR2011 3.008e-15 1011
input Em092-DK Manufacture of other transport equipment (35) in DK 1.298e-09 MEUR2011 2.044e-06 1576
input Em105-DK Retail sale of automotive fuel in DK 9.261e-21 MEUR2011 6.262e-18 676
input Em118-DK Insurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security (66) in DK 9.178e-18 MEUR2011 1.503e-15 164
input Em051-DK Re-processing of secondary wood material into new wood material in DK 1.045e-15 t -2.307e-16 -0.221
input Em097-DK Distribution and trade of electricity in DK 1.444e-17 MEUR2011 3.490e-15 242
input Em127-DK Health and social work (85) in DK 5.174e-20 MEUR2011 1.153e-17 223
input Em088-DK Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c. (31) in DK 2.650e-08 t 2.351e-07 8.87
input Em064-DK Manufacture of rubber and plastic products (25) in DK 2.405e-09 t 1.360e-08 5.66
input Em143-DK Landfill of waste: Paper in DK 1.225e-15 t 3.137e-15 2.56
input Em032-DK Quarrying of stone in DK 6.813e-15 t 1.901e-16 0.0279
input Em148-DK Activities of membership organisation n.e.c. (91) in DK 2.338e-17 MEUR2011 7.285e-15 312
input Em066-DK Re-processing of secondary glass into new glass in DK 1.478e-15 t -4.678e-16 -0.316
input Em087-DK Manufacture of office machinery and computers (30) in DK 1.903e-08 t 3.414e-07 17.9
input Em122-DK Computer and related activities (72) in DK 1.323e-16 MEUR2011 3.676e-14 278
input Em084-DK Casting of metals in DK 4.574e-20 t 6.374e-19 13.9
input Em145-DK Landfill of waste: Inert/metal/hazardous in DK 4.490e-13 t 3.669e-14 0.0817
input Em054-DK Paper in DK 2.199e-10 t 6.390e-10 2.91
input Em060-DK Re-processing of secondary plastic into new plastic in DK 3.373e-13 t -5.855e-13 -1.74
input Em130-DK Incineration of waste: Plastic in DK 4.569e-13 t 5.240e-13 1.15
input Em124-DK Other business activities (74) in DK 5.510e-16 MEUR2011 1.729e-13 314
input Em099-DK Distribution of gaseous fuels through mains in DK 4.772e-18 MEUR2011 8.060e-16 169
input Em131-DK Incineration of waste: Metals and Inert materials in DK 1.094e-18 t 7.010e-19 0.641
input Em085-DK Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment (28) in DK 2.104e-08 t 1.359e-07 6.46
input Em129-DK Incineration of waste: Paper in DK 9.113e-14 t -3.405e-14 -0.374
input Em104-DK Sale, maintenance, repair of motor vehicles, motor vehicles parts, motorcycles, motor cycles parts and accessoiries in DK 1.894e-13 MEUR2011 4.803e-11 254
input Em136-DK Biogasification of paper, incl. land application in DK 9.115e-18 t 7.357e-17 8.07
input Em149-DK Recreational, cultural and sporting activities (92) in DK 2.722e-17 MEUR2011 1.121e-14 412
input Em116-DK Post and telecommunications (64) in DK 5.585e-17 MEUR2011 2.159e-14 387
input Em077-DK Re-processing of secondary aluminium into new aluminium in DK 9.619e-17 t -1.432e-15 -14.9
input Em115-DK Supporting and auxiliary transport activities; activities of travel agencies (63) in DK 9.771e-17 MEUR2011 4.965e-14 508
input Em046-DK Manufacture of tobacco products (16) in DK 6.392e-16 t 2.134e-14 33.4
input Em090-DK Manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks (33) in DK 8.719e-09 t 1.225e-07 14.1
input Em101-DK Collection, purification and distribution of water (41) in DK 2.166e-18 MEUR2011 1.183e-15 546
input Em114-DK Air transport (62) in DK 1.126e-17 MEUR2011 1.720e-14 1528
input Em134-DK Incineration of waste: Oil/Hazardous waste in DK 4.422e-12 t 1.034e-11 2.34
input Em108-DK Hotels and restaurants (55) in DK 1.096e-16 MEUR2011 1.073e-13 979
input Em055-DK Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media (22) in DK 1.132e-09 t 2.341e-08 20.7
input Em049-DK Tanning and dressing of leather; manufacture of luggage, handbags, saddlery, harness and footwear (19) in DK 1.475e-10 t 1.515e-08 103
input Em126-DK Education (80) in DK 5.237e-18 MEUR2011 1.085e-15 207
input Em033-DK Quarrying of sand and clay in DK 3.859e-14 t 3.179e-16 0.00824
input Em103-DK Re-processing of secondary construction material into aggregates in DK 2.974e-25 t -1.175e-27 -0.00395
input Em083-DK Re-processing of secondary other non-ferrous metals into new other non-ferrous metals in DK 6.899e-17 t -2.327e-16 -3.37
input Em047-DK Manufacture of textiles (17) in DK 1.987e-09 t 2.974e-08 15.0
input Ma0155-DK Electricity {DK} market in DK 110 kWh 0.00559 5.078e-05
input Em067-DK Manufacture of ceramic goods in DK 1.041e-09 t 1.242e-09 1.19
input Em147-DK Landfill of waste: Wood in DK 2.030e-17 t 8.844e-18 0.436
input Em075-DK Re-processing of secondary precious metals into new precious metals in DK 2.095e-20 t 0.000e+00 0.000e+00
input Em093-DK Manufacture of furniture; manufacturing n.e.c. (36) in DK 2.755e-08 t 1.831e-07 6.65
input Em053-DK Re-processing of secondary paper into new pulp in DK 7.514e-14 t -8.184e-14 -1.09
input Em113-DK Inland water transport in DK 2.343e-18 MEUR2011 2.400e-15 1024
input Em079-DK Re-processing of secondary lead into new lead in DK 3.602e-17 t -5.831e-17 -1.62
input Em120-DK Real estate activities (70) in DK 5.686e-16 MEUR2011 1.927e-13 339
input Em133-DK Incineration of waste: Wood in DK 1.510e-15 t -3.635e-16 -0.241
input Em086-DK Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. (29) in DK 2.578e-07 t 1.997e-06 7.75
input Em071-DK Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c. in DK 2.894e-09 t 2.368e-09 0.818
input Em119-DK Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation (67) in DK 6.838e-18 MEUR2011 2.076e-15 304
input Em121-DK Renting of machinery and equipment without operator and of personal and household goods (71) in DK 5.033e-17 MEUR2011 2.886e-14 573
input Em144-DK Landfill of waste: Plastic in DK 5.021e-15 t 2.216e-15 0.441
input Em022-DK Extraction of natural gas and services related to natural gas extraction, excluding surveying in DK 1.155e-06 t 3.347e-07 0.290
input Em150-DK Other service activities (93) in DK 3.214e-18 MEUR2011 1.285e-15 400
input Em048-DK Manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing and dyeing of fur (18) in DK 3.041e-12 t 5.886e-11 19.4
input Em146-DK Landfill of waste: Textiles in DK 1.603e-17 t 2.554e-17 1.59
input Em123-DK Research and development (73) in DK 7.494e-19 MEUR2011 3.040e-16 406
input Em065-DK Manufacture of glass and glass products in DK 1.939e-08 t 1.913e-08 0.987
input Em070-DK Re-processing of ash into clinker in DK 2.743e-13 t -2.002e-13 -0.730
input Em112-DK Sea and coastal water transport in DK 1.903e-12 MEUR2011 7.937e-09 4172
input Em089-DK Manufacture of radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus (32) in DK 6.008e-09 t 8.506e-08 14.2
input Em098-DK Manufacture of gas; in DK 3.769e-09 t 1.912e-09 0.507
input Em073-DK Re-processing of secondary steel into new steel in DK 3.152e-15 t -8.408e-15 -2.67
input Em057-DK Petroleum Refinery in DK 4.334e-06 t 4.117e-06 0.950
input Em050-DK Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials (20) in DK 2.394e-08 t 4.057e-08 1.69
input Ma0091-DK District heating {DK} CHP in DK 0.202 GJ 0.00458 0.0227
input Em081-DK Re-processing of secondary copper into new copper in DK 4.111e-17 t -3.138e-16 -7.63
input Em125-DK Public administration and defence; compulsory social security (75) in DK 1.931e-17 MEUR2011 4.961e-15 257
input Em132-DK Incineration of waste: Textiles in DK 1.193e-15 t -1.743e-16 -0.146
input Em102-DK Construction (45) in DK 1.214e-08 MEUR2011 8.241e-06 679
input Em107-DK Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles; repair of personal and household goods (52) in DK 2.533e-12 MEUR2011 6.208e-10 245