type code description inventory inventory contribution intensity
amount unit tCO2eq tCO2/unit
output Pa072-DK Can container, with brine in DK 1.00 t 1.57 1.57
input Em034-DK Mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals, production of salt, other mining and quarrying n.e.c. in DK 0.727 t 0.153 0.210
input Em131-DK Incineration of waste: Metals and Inert materials in DK 0.120 t 0.0772 0.641
input Em076-DK Aluminium production in DK 0.120 t 1.34 11.1
input Ma0283-DK Water {DK} Collection, purification and distribution of water | conseq in DK 0.0807 m3 7.780e-05 9.637e-04