type code description inventory inventory contribution intensity
amount unit tCO2eq tCO2/unit
output Ra00252-DK Spring roll, deepfried, ready meals in DK 1.00 t 2.97 2.97
input Pa070-DK PET tray in cardboard sleeve in DK 1.00 t 0.695 0.695
input Ma0333-DK Supermarket storage, cooling in DK 1.00 t 3.326e-04 3.326e-04
input Ma0362-DK Road transport, tkm {DK} >32 t truck | conseq in DK 200 tkm 0.0244 1.220e-04
input Fa0168-DK Spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce in DK 1.00 t 2.25 2.25